Youth are jobless because of the type of education system we have – Ta’di Parliamentary aspirant.

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A New Patriotic Party parliamentary aspirant for the Takoradi constituency, Bernard Oduro Nyarko, believes the present second cycle and tertiary education needs to be modified to produce graduates that are ready for the job market.

Bernard Nyarko, a logistician turned politician, in an exclusive interview with Skyy News says it is regrettable that scores of the youth from the region struggle to get decent jobs even after tertiary education; a situation he says is due to the fact that majority of them are not trained for the jobs available.

”If after all the mining and exploration and other businesses in our region, a significant percentage of our youth are not getting jobs here, we need to look at the kind of education we give our youth” he said.

”My belief is that we are equipping people with skill sets that are not exactly what the job market needs and when that happens, the employer will look elsewhere for the kind of skill set they want” he further stated.

Oduro Nyarko who picked nomination forms to contest for the parliamentary seat for the Takoradi constituency on Tuesday, January 27,2020, says the problem could be solved by counselling the youth on the courses to pursue based on the jobs available while considering a ,more holistic curriculum review.

” I don’t believe the situation is irretrievable. We need to counsel our youth because I am sure if the youth knew which courses prepare them for which jobs, the availability of the said jobs and the conditions of service of same, they would rethink which courses they read. At least that’s a start and I am confident if we do this, we can make some progress” he further stated.

”For a long term solution, we need to modify our curriculum to include all this while also emphasizing on technical and vocational training. There are too many of those jobs that require technical and vocational training that we are missing out on and it is not a good thing” he concluded.

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