“Your spine is your life” — Dr Cox

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Ghanaians have been advised to give proper care and attention to their spine to promote a general well-being.

“Your spine is your life. It is the window to your body. It protects the most important organ in your body — the central nervous system,” Dr Bryan Leon Cox, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Spinal Clinic Limited, has said.

He said the spine protected the central nervous system and failure to keep it in a healthy state could cause severe health complications.

“Your spine is the window to the body… and if we don’t take good care of it, it can lead to so many problems, including severe pains all over our bodies, numbness in our legs and arms, and dizziness,” he said.

Dr Cox gave the advice during a Free Adjustments session, organised by the Clinic for more than 200 people at Lashibi, Community 20, Tema.

The session was in commemoration of the World Spine Day 2021, on the theme: “Back2Back,” which sensitised the community on the spine, how to cater for it and the importance of chiropractic care to their general well-being.

Dr Cox said to maintain a healthy spine, one had to ensure proper posture whilst sitting, avoid sitting for long hours and use laptop stands to promote working more on the feet.

He said the public should maintain a good sleeping posture, exercise regularly, eat healthily, keep a positive mental attitude and get the right amount of rest.

“All these, coupled with chiropractic care, would help you enjoy a more fulfilling life,” he said.

Dr Cox called on Government to put in checks and balances to eliminate quack chiropractors, whose activities were causing more harm than good to patients.

“These self-acclaimed chiropractors may have worked for a chiropractor or massage therapist over the years, but that doesn’t mean they are well trained and qualified to lay their hands on people. This causes the patients to get worse and it gives our profession a bad name,” he said.

Madam Lucy Dillys Agbozo, a 66-year-old participant, said she was involved in four accidents, which damaged her spine and rendered her immobile since 2014.

However, after six months of receiving chiropractic care from Spinal Clinic, her situation had improved and she could walk again, she said.

Another beneficiary, Mr Kwab Asamoah, Kustom Looks Clothes, and Chairman of Ghana Judo Association Committee for Sponsorship, Marketing and Public Relations, said after receiving Chiropractic care from the Clinic, he had recovered from his constant knee injuries, back pains and problems with his sciatica nerves.

“Now, I have resumed active involvement with Judo sports which I quit for over ten years due to my health issue. I have now gotten my life and competitive sporting spirit back,” he added.

He advised citizens to be conscious of the importance of their spine and how it related to all other core muscle areas so as to keep it in good shape.

Mr Stephen O.K. Yeboah, the Head of Department, Ghana Maritime University, said he had been a client of the Clinic for three years and unlike other healthcare practices, chiropractic care did not involve medications or surgery.

“Due to the nature of my work, I developed severe body pains, headaches and weaknesses in my feet. I had to be driven around in my car but after receiving health care from this facility, I can now walk and drive on my own,” he said.

“What I also like about Spinal Clinic is that they educate you on how to take care of your spine so you don’t end up damaging it”.

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