You Suffer if You Truncate the League- Hon. Wilson Arthur Warns GFA ExCo

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A high-ranking member of the GFA is calling for the resumption of the Ghana Premier League, a decision reserved for the Executive Committee of the FA and expected to be reached by the close of today. Hon. Wilson Arthur, chairman of the MTN FA Cup Committee has insisted football should resume in order to protect the image and integrity of the Ghana Premier League.


“My expectation from today’s ExCo meeting is that they should find a way to continue the league, because starting the league, stopping midway, then abandoning it etc, destroy the  brand and integrity of our football, if we don’t rectify that, it would be difficult to attract sponsors”, he told Takoradi based Skyy Power FM


The Executive Committee of the GFA has by close of today to determine the way forward for the 2019/2010 football the season in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Behind the scenes, clubs appear to be speaking with different voices on how to deal with the remainder of the season.


But the president of Tier One side Skyy FC says clubs got to be ready to restart the league, and that it would be disastrous to the business and commercial drive of the FA if the ExCo decides to end the league.


“Let us all resolve to complete what we have started, that should be the spirit, that if you start something you have to finish it, if we dare cancel the league then it will take us three to four years before we can break the grounds to win a sponsor for the league, if we truncate the league, the [current] sponsors won’t honour their commitments to us; the kind of wahala [troubles] that the cancellation will bring to us would be huge, so it shouldn’t cross our minds to truncate the league, it should not”, he cautioned.

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