Women Rape Us Too- Men Cry Out

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Most sexual abuses meted out at men, go unreported, and in certain instances given less attention and investigations if they are ever reported by the victims. The growing perception that women are mainly victims of sexual assault and violence makes one prejudge men who report of their sufferings.

In Daboase, the capital of Wassa East District, some men are beginning to speak up very frankly about their plight. They have admitted the abuses they suffer at the hands of women are traumatizing and must be stopped.

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Recounting some experiences of rape and sexual abuse during a workshop on Gender-Based Violence organized by West Africa Governance and Economic Sustainability in extractive areas(WAGES), some male participants said they are victimized when they speak up about their ordeals.

“I’ve been rapped by a woman before, I have an experience, women rape us all the time”, said one participant (name withheld).

Others also indicated that men hardly are offered a platform to share their painful experiences, and thereby making the public often sympathize with only females.

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“It’s a shame, people will laugh at us”, they justified why they don’t report their abuses.

Another male participant said “ they rape us in our offices, we can’t report them because of our family, we’re suffering “

Responding to these complaints, Social Welfare Officer for the Wassa East District, Augustina Adennyo Ladi urged the men who experience domestic violence to report to the social welfare department.

Miss Augustinsa Adenyo Ladi admitted her outfit is aware that a lot of men are going through domestic violence, but they find it difficult to report. She said her outfit cannot take the necessary actions against women who cause harm to men until an official report is made.

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