women are happier with ugly men – study


If you’re a woman who is not happy in your relationship, then i guess it’s because your man is handsome or attractive, if you want to be happy, fall in love with an ugly or unattractive man. According to a  Florida State University study marriages and relationships are more likely to be successful if the woman is more attractive than her man.

One hundred and thirteen newly married couples, with the average age being in the late 20s, were rated on their attractiveness by evaluators from Southern Methodist University and Florida State University, according to The Chive.

They found that if a male is less attractive than his wife, he’s likely to make more of an effort to please her, whether it be with gifts, by undertaking chores, working on their appearance, or even in the bedroom.

This in turn keeps the woman happy, thus making the relationship more sustainable.

If you ever wondered why you see a hot woman with the less attractive man, here’s why. The results of the study confirmed that women are happier when their partner is less attractive than they are. This happens because women believe that having a physically attractive husband may be accompanied by negative consequences like infidelity.

Research also found that women with attractive husbands are more likely to diet and obsess over their own appearance. On the other hand, men tend to be happier when in a relationship with a partner that is more attractive. That’s could be why we go for women that are out of their leagues.


If you want to be happy in your relationship, the study encourages that women fall in love with ugly men


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