Without Common Fund, his contributions are unmatched- Supporters of Dr Armah replies Kwesimintsim MP

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Supporters of Dr. Prince Armah, have hauled a bundle of achievements and contributions to defile a challenge thrown by the incumbent Member of Parliament for Kwesimintsim, Joseph Mensah, onto their candidate, to prove his worth to the development of the area. The group in a press release intimated that, the Executive Secretary of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, Dr. Prince Armah has been a selfless and unrivaled contributor to development of the constituency over the past two years.
They convincingly noted that the Member of Parliament, Joseph Mensah, despite having all the resources and opportunities to make an impact, relatively, has little to show as his contribution to the development of the area.
“Dr Prince Armah has no access to common fund and all the benefits that comes with a member of parliament but has achieved a lot which the MP cannot come close, Dr Prince Armah, through the Prince Armah foundation has been an active supporter of the community he calls home and is among the highest givers to charitable causes in the constituency” they noted.

They highlighted some personal contributions made by Dr. Prince Armah over the past years, adding that, they are testament to his endless capabilities.
“In the last year alone, Dr. Prince Armah has out of his own resourcefulness, donated 20,000 books worth Gh¢ 200,000 to students around not only the Kwesimintsim constituency, but the entire Effia-Kwesimintsim metropolis. He also distributed Integrated Science Workbooks to enhance teaching and learning to over 2,250 students of both the Takoradi Senior High School and Takoradi Technical Institute. Also, an additional 750 books have been earmarked for parents in the Kwesimintsim Constituency amounting to GH¢ 75,000.

“He has provided admissions, scholarships and financial support for students in the community at all levels of education. He donated office supplies to the Effia-Kwesimintsim Municipal Education Office and sponsored a quiz and awards competition to promote educational competitiveness within the constituency. He has facilitated the recruitment and transfers of some teachers in the Ghana Education Service within the constituency. And when distraught parents from our community appeal to him, he is quick to help them secure change in the postings of their wards in the Free SHS system. If he has done all this as a private citizen, imagine what he would do as our elected representative,” the statement indicated
They further indicated that, Dr Prince Armah has assisted hundreds of residents in the Kwesiminstim constituency to secure MASLOC loans and provided ICT training for some women in the constituency.

“Dr Amah has helped 125 people from the Kwesimintsim community to access MASLOC loans, with another batch of 100 approved and about to receive theirs any day now. He has provided ICT training for women in the constituency under a scheme dubbed “Women in ICT,” where over fifty women received hands-on skills in ICT for them to become competitive and relevant in this era of the fourth revolution. He also donated 3 Sukida motorbikes to the Effia- Kwesimintsim Police Command to help in their operational duties and patrols to safeguard lives and properties in the constituency. In addition, he made a cash donation to further assist our police. Ever the kind-hearted benefactor, he has assisted those in hospital to pay their bills and attend to other emergencies. And he has done all this without a common fund to support him, but as a private man wanting to give back to society,”

Dr Prince Armah, according to the group, is a respecter of tradition, and helper of the deprived.
“For last year’s Anaji Homecoming Festival, Dr Armah donated GH¢ 5,000 and assorted drinks to support the successful organization of the event. He organized an eye-screening exercise and donated 40 eye-glasses to the affected constituents. He donated an amount of GH¢ 20,000 and 200 bags of cement in support for the construction of the proposed Anaji Community Centre.

“During the celebration of the Kwesimintsim Kundum festival, he again stepped up with nearly GH¢ 40,000 to support the launch, the football gala, the float and health walk, the cooking competition, the durbar, as well as media and branding for the festival. In addition, cash donations were made to the Assakae, Adientiem communities to also support their Kundum celebrations. He also sponsored a gala football competition among various teams within the constituency to promote oneness and social cohesion during the Kundum Festival. It was through his instrumentality that Dr. Adutwum, Deputy Minister of Education, graced the durbar as a special guest, also making a donation to support the festival,”

The group believes, Dr. Prince Armah is better placed to bring the needed development to the people of Kwesimintsim when given the advantage in the upcoming primaries.

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