Your appearance conveys more than just your style – it gives others an insight into your personality and sometimes even your sexual nature. Sometimes a woman’s wardrobe mirrors her intimate side, while other times the outfits she wears are covering up her true colors. It can be good to know what your look is conveying, so you are sending the right message whether you’re trying to meet a man or you’re deep in the dating scene.

Jeans and a T-shirt
If denim and tees make up the majority of your wardrobe, it shows guys that you are a laid-back gal who is just as happy staying in and cuddling on the couch as you are hopping in the car for a spontaneous trip to get waffles from the best breakfast joint in the state – even if it’s five hours away. Having such a casual, up-for-anything attitude probably carries over when your outfit is crumpled on the floor. Make sure you always keep a healthy supply of condoms and personal lubricant close by, because you never know when the mood will strike.

Business casual
Many people have to don office-appropriate clothing during work hours, and while some shed these like a bad habit as soon as they get home, others are most comfortable in their pencil skirts, silk blouses and pumps. Often, these women are thought to be the most wild in bed since they are perceived as reserved in day-to-day interactions. While this is surely the case sometimes, some women just like to wear nice clothes. Those who fall on the latter end of the spectrum may prefer to keep things romantic rather than getting down and dirty when their clothes come off.

The “punk” look
A decade or two ago, a woman dressed like a punk rock chick was probably as wild as her image portrayed, but these days punk has become segmented, and the look is typically far more about edgy fashion than it is rock and roll. Underneath all of those studs, there may be lurking a sweet and sensitive gal whose favorite position is missionary and giggles shyly when undressing for her man. Conversely, you may be unleashing a naughty side, dying to try new positions and have sex in adventurous places.

Sweats, sweats and more sweats
If you’re on a sports team, you’re probably throwing on sweatpants every time you head to practice, a game or the gym. A girl who spends her free time playing sports and exercising is going to have plenty of energy in bed. This means you can tackle challenging positions and try all sorts of new moves with your guy. However, if you’re wearing sweats solely for comfort, guys might get the impression that you’ll be less than enthusiastic in bed.

Polo shirts and khakis
The “preppy” look has a stigma of being reserved for stuffy people who are strictly traditionalists in the bedroom. Much like business casual, this look could also be a guise for a kinky woman to uphold her reputation among loved ones and coworkers. You may have a secret box stashed away that is full of things like lubricants, condoms and vibrating rings to take your sexual adventures to the next level.

If you fit into any of these molds, you might want to try mixing it up a little bit. Deviating from your routine can open you up to new experiences. You may find that this reinforces what you already know you love. Conversely, you might find something new you enjoy just as much.



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