What successful business people aren’t afraid to do


Through reading and experience over the years, Director of Cadence Health and Nutrition Courses, Leanne Cooper, has learnt that when it comes to leadership and business success there is a common theme. In order to be a successful business owner you must understand the importance of communication and responsibility taking, which includes self-confidence and commitment, be light-hearted when the time is right, be creative and able to inspire others.

While these are the attributes seen as essential to success, Forbes online posted a great article on the ‘10 Things Successful Business People Aren’t Daunted By’.

They’re not daunted by

1. Failure
2. Rising before the sun does
3. Wickedly hard work – Most don’t think of it as “work”
4. Risk – Too much risk is seldom good – but nothing really innovatively great is ever accomplished without some degree of risk, often quite a bit
5. Responsibility – No choice but to take it, if you want the rewards that go with it
6. Conflict – Conflict is the currency of leadership – you have to be able to handle it effectively or others won’t want to follow
7. What you can’t see with the naked eye – Vision in business means looking past the horizon to opportunity invisible to most
8. Bare forearms – As in the kind that go with rolled-up sleeves
9. Admitting fault – Too much hubris and you’ll have trouble working with others, which of course you need to in order to accomplish what you want to
10. The unknown

Studies have shown that there are a core group of attributes of a successful business person; that is, they have a passion for their work and they value those who assist them in their achievements. Successful business people lead the way, they are honest but not cruel, and they are committed to the agreed values of the business (Spears and Parker, 2013).

Forbes goes on to list the six signs of small business success as being:

1. Collaborative, for example using networks, partnerships and affiliations successfully.
2. Self-fulfilled, that is your business allows you control over you life and affords you a sense of accomplishment
3. Future-focused, seeing the trends and having a vision of what the future holds
4. Curiosity, successful business owners are ready to listen and accept the answer may not be where or what they expected
5. Tech savvy, speaks for itself I think.
6. Action-oriented, that they make their own luck and see their successes and failures as within their own




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