Western Region House of Chiefs commend GNPC for road projects

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The Western Region House of Chiefs has commended Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) for the massive road infrastructure investment made in the oil and gas enclave of the Western Region.

President of the Western Region House Chiefs, Ogyeahoho Yaw Gyebi II in his address at the 1st General Meeting of the house [held on Thursday 11 June, 2020], argued that these infrastructure are just the right elements that will drive the socio-economic development of the people in the region.

He also commended COCOBOD and the Ministry of Roads and Highways for also prioritizing road projects in the Western and Western North Regions.

“We are also grateful to COCOBOD and Ministry for Roads and Highways for the number of roads selected for rehabilitation in both the Western and Western North Region. The rehabilitation and or surfacing of the roads, will undoubtedly enhance socio-economic activities and hence improve human and vehicular movements in the region” he stressed.

Below is the list of road projects executed/being executed by the GNPC in the region.

  1. Surfacing of Gwira Anyinase-Gwira Wiawso
  2. Surfacing of Asaasetre – Gyampre Junction
  3. Surfacing of Kutukrom – Tabakrom
  4. Rehabilitation of Mangoase – Tabakrom
  5. Rehabilitation of Dadwen – Avrebo – Ahu Nyame – Adelekezo
  6. Rehabilitation of Ahu Nyame – Nyenkopa – Barrier
  7. Rehabilitation of the Mpataba – Half Assini – Jewi Wharf (Jomoro Coast)
  8. Tikobo No. 2 Junction – Tikobo No. 2 and Tikobo No. 2 Town Roads and others (15.8 km)
  9. B Bukazo – Akpandue Roads and others (12.9km)
  10. Telekubukazu New Site Town Roads and others (12.9km)
  11. Essima New Site road (6.5km)
  12. Santasu – Basake Feeder Road (20km)
  13. Prestea- Kuntukrom Feeder Road (23km)
  14. Adubrim – Ayawura Feeder Road (15.7km)
  15. Anwia Town Road (4.1km)
  16. Bomoakpole Town Road (1.95km)
  17. Agbeyeayea Town Roads (1.1km)
  18. Nvelesolo Town Roads (2.85km)
  19. Bobrama Town Roads (1.75km)
  20. Asemko Town Roads (1.8km)
  21. New Bakanta Town Roads (4.6km)
  22. Ahunyame – Nyenkopa Barrier Feeder Road (7km)
  23. Dadwen – Averebo – Ahunyame – Adelekeza Feeder Road (9.64km)
  24. Asasetra Town Roads (2.95km)
  25. Nvuma Town Roads (4.3km)
  26. Tanda Town Roads (0.70km)
  27. Abi Town Roads (1.7km)
  28. Anochie Town Roads (2.8km)
  29. Baku Town Roads (1.85km)
  30. Krisan Town Roads (0.90km)
  31. Ngalokpoee Town Roads (2km)
  32. Ngalakye Town Roads (2.1km)
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