Western D33d3w

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Ghana’s newest most sought-after local rice is on the market
now – Western D33d3w.
Do you know why this is the best rice for your health?

  1. It comes with a good dose of essential nutrients the body
    needs: magnesium, phosphorus, protein, etc.
  2. Comes with a good dose of dietary fiber making it the rice
    of choice for diabetes.
  3. It is very fresh, and does not contain stones.
  4. Very suitable for all rice dishes.
    Cook with less water.
    Western D33d3w; naturally delicious.
    You can get Western D33d3w at
  5. all Nyilale Ha Nyamenle stores (My Brother).
  6. First Samuel Enterprise
  7. Carlos Supermarket
  8. Koma Oye Supermarket, Effia, Blockyard
  9. Big Awor, Kojokrom
  10. Safeway Enterprise, opposite ekutufum, Agona Nkwanta.
    For distribution and more information, contact 0246211148.

Eat for health and taste.
Western deedew, naturally delicious

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