We’re waiting for your report- IMCIM Chair tells Amidu

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The Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu is yet to avail reports of his investigations into corruption allegations leveled against presidential staffer and former secretary of the Inter Ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining (IMCIM), Charles Bissue, in the investigative piece by Tiger Eye PI.

The Criminal Investigative Department of the Ghana Police Service after a thorough investigation into the documentary produce by Tiger Eye PI, cleared Mr. Bissue of no wrong doing.

The documentary claimed that, Mr. Bissue was involved in alleged shady deals to facilitate processes for a mining firm called ORR Resources Enterprises.

The case, has since been forwarded to the Office of the Special Prosecutor by the Tiger Eye PI.

However, much has not been heard nor reported on the case by the OSP.

Chair of the IMCIM, Prof. Frimpong Boateng says the committee is patiently waiting for the report of the Special Prosecutor to determine the fate of Mr. Bissue.

“The police CID cleared him, that he’s done nothing wrong. But the case was referred to the special prosecutor… and who is doing his investigations. And we don’t even have report from the OSP. So he’s still not at post. We are waiting for the special prosecutor” he explained.

The operations of the IMCIM, reported has been on a lower turn following Mr. Bissue’s resignation from duty. It is expected that a determination would be made on this case, this year.

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