We are better positioned to manage COVID 19 cases- WR Health Directorate

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Deputy Director of Health for the Western Region, Dr. Atsu Dodor says the Western Region is better positioned in terms of its preparedness to manage and control the spread of COVID 19. He disclosed that an average of five front-line health workers from each district have been trained under the Training of Trainers programme to equip our health facilities with the needed skill set to respond to the pandemic.

Dr. Dodor in an exclusive interview on the Jolly Breakfast Show this morning told the host, Samuel Kojo Brace, that, it is anticipated that all other health personnel have had some kind of capacity building at this moment to respond to the COVID 19 cases in their facilities.

“… all the things that they need to do to protect themselves as well as the patients that may come have been done” he emphasized.

Dr. Dodor however cried that logistics are inadequate, and that government is taking steps to supplement what local hospitals have in stock. He spoke to us earlier on the Jolly Breakfast Show this morning.

“In terms of logistics, we don’t have sufficient. Few have been provided procured and distributed to them. We have another allocation made, that we going to pick today so that we can distribute to them.

“The facilities are supposed to largely supplement that because the one that is suppose to be coming from the service at the moment is highly inadequate. The facilities need to procure more. And because of it being limited in terms of quantities, we need to use them rationally” he advised


Screening points at Hospitals

He added that screening points are to be mounted at the entrance of Out Patient Department at all hospitals to isolate infected persons from the public.

“If you go to any hospital, you may see that they’ve added a check-point,… it usually will be in front of the hospital or the OPD. They will ask you a series of questions- that have you been coughing and others. Those that admit have these symptoms are isolated. So you will see certain new things happening in the hospital” Dr. Dodor reiterated.

He justified that, these measures will help curtail the spread of the disease, as well as trigger an effective treatment for infected persons.

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