The Electoral Commission of Ghana, has promised to ensure that the voter registration exercise runs smoothly. The Commission anticipates that each applicant spends less than ten (10) minutes with the process at any of their registration centers.

Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Jean Mensah in a press briefing ahead of the exercise which kicks off tomorrow, stressed that over forty-four thousand (44,000) staff of the commission, and eight thousand (8,000) biometric registration kits have been deployed for the national exercise.

She said; “we are confident that the training we’ve offered them has prepared them to operate efficiently and professionally”

“The kits have been thoroughly tested and we are confident they will function effectively and ensure a smooth and speedy registration of each applicant. We envisage that the robustness of the kits as well as the extensive training offered, each applicant should not spend more than ten minutes going through the registration process” she added.

Madam Jean Mensah disclosed that over five thousand (5,000) technicians have been deployed to zonal centers of the EC, to offer technical assistance when the need be.


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