Video: LGBTQI office in Kwabenya has been shut down by the police

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The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuals, Transgender and Queer Individuals (LGBTQI) office in Kwabenya, a suburb in Accra has been closed down by the police on Wednesday February 24.

According to Tv3, the landlord of the property said, the occupants were not using the property for its original purpose to which it was rented.

Issues relating to LGBTQ are to be looked into as human rights issues since they have their own rights and freedom as individuals according to Alex Kofi Donkor, the Director of LGBTQ+ Rights in Ghana.

he added, persons who are identified as LGBTQ are verbally and physically attacked in the country which is not right, they have their own fundamental human rights and must be respected.

Explaining the reasons behind the setup of an LGBTQI office in Ghana, he said “We created an office space where we talk about issues which affect us as community and ways in which we can resolve the issues.

We do experience a lot of violence and abuse that are perpetuated towards people who are identified as LGBTQI or perceived as LGBTQI, he said.


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