Use PPE’s rationally: Deputy Regional Health Dir. Dr. Atsu Dodor cautions.

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Deputy Regional Health Director in charge of Clinal Care, Dr. Atsu Dodor, has cautioned frontline health workers to use Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPE’s) rationally.

Speaking on the Jolly Breakfast Show on Skyy Poer FM on Monday,  Dr. Dodor responded to a series of complaints from health practitioners over the Ghana Health Services (GHS) distribution of the PPE’s and in some cases, it’s unavailability.

The first of these complaints came from the Health Service Union who expressed their dissatisfaction with the ‘selective’ manner in which the Ghana Health Service was distributing the PPE’s.

The Health Service Union, which comprises professionals such as Biomedical scientists, Radiographers, Physiotherapists, Health Administrators, Human Resource, and Dental Technicians among others in the health sector, indicated that “members have had to reuse even nose masks for more than a month. We are only pleading with our employer, to as much as possible, prioritize the provision of these PPEs. It’s not just a matter of nose mask. And most of the facilities do not have it”.

Subsequent to that, Dr. Joseph Tambil; the Medical Director of the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital, also bemoaned the inadequate PPE’s available at the facility, in an interview with Skyy Power FM.

However, reacting to these concerns, Dr. Dodor denied any bias in the distribution of the PPE’s.

‘‘The same thing we’re doing at the regional level, is what other managers are doing at the district level. Which is that once they receive it, they pass it on, they give it to their staff. It is because of the rate at which it is used, it is disposable. So nobody should paint any manager as wicked. No! I don’t think they are. When they have it, they will give it to their staff. And I believe they are doing everything they can to make sure PPE’s are provided’’ he indicated.

Dr. Dodor who was speaking Skyy Power FM, also warned frontline health workers to use the PPE’s rationally.

‘‘…And that brings a crucial issue that we’ve been talking about since the beginning of this, that we should use PPE’s rationally. They should be used rationally. Because if you do not use theme rationally, when you need it, you may not have sufficient. So rational use of PPE’s is very crucial at this moment’’ he concluded.


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