The next great political feat of my career will be to hand over power to another elected NPP President – Akufo Addo

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President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo is applying to Ghana to help him achieve the last great political feat of his career in Ghanaian politics.

Addressing the party faithful at the party’s 30th anniversary to commemorate the NPP since its resignation on July 28, 1992, the President said the greatest joy in his political life will be to hand over power to another NPP elected president come January 7th 2025.

He said, “This is the party that has provided national leadership that has dealt with difficult faces of our national life, HIPC, Covid catastrophe and will provide the leadership that will take us through the current difficulties of the global and domestic heavy wind produced by the Covid pandemic and the effects of Russia invasion of Ukraine.”

“We best celebrate our progress by remaining united and resolute as we continue to pursue our history agenda to provide good governance and economic development to our nation.”

“I want you to help me achieve the last great political feat of my career in Ghanaian politics, that on the 7th of January 2025, I will go to Blackstar Square and hand over the baton to our next NPP president of the republic who we would have chosen and supported to victory, that is our goal, that is our tax.”

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