The 9 Office Outfit Commandments


Startups have disrupted the way we work and that’s a good thing, especially when it comes to the traditional “office outfit”. The Casual office is much more common than it was a decade ago, and most people appreciate it. Take it from a woman who’s happy the days of the mandatory suit-and-high-heels getup are over!

That’s not to say that the office is no longer a place devoted to work and professionalism. It still is. That means that the dreaded “dress code” is still very much alive and kicking.

Let’s set some important things straight here.

The 10 Office Outfit Commandments

  1. Thou shalt say “No” to flip-flops

  2. We get it. It’s sometimes hot, so you naturally wear your flip-flops. How awesome is it to feel that gentle summer breeze running through your toes, right? We feel ya’, we do, but your boss and colleagues really WON’T!

    Flip-flops are good for the beach. Period. Your coworkers will not feel the love, but will just spend the day cursing that wretched flip-floppy sound you make every time

  3. Plain and simple. It’s common sense that your workplace is not the place to showcase that shiny, itty-bitty dress you bought for clubbing,  and don’t even think about putting on that completely transparent number you wore last Friday night to your friends’ house party.

    Here’s the message, loud and clear… it’s completely OK to wear nice dresses, a top with transparent sleeves, skinny jeans,  and other articles of tasteful and professional-looking attire. In the end,  you’ve got to use good judgment. It just comes down to decency.

    3. Thou shalt keep inappropriate/offensive shirts in the closet

    you walk by them.

    2.  Thou shalt honor decency

  4. There’s no accounting for personal humor and sensibility. We’re different and that’s way okay. So, you’d do well to remember this piece of useful information next time you feel like wearing that “I’m With Stupid” shirt you bought on vacation….

    Here’s something that should be obvious to all of us… What’s funny to you might not be so funny to others. So, avoid t-shirts with irreverent, or cheeky slogans as much as possible while working. The office is not the place to display your fondness for bathroom humor and frat-style jokes.

    4. Thou shalt get rid of squeaking shoes

  5. Now here’s where things can get a little tricky… or shall we say, “squeaky”! Noisy shoes can be rather unassuming. Sometimes you really can’t tell if their noisemakers before you buy them, like there’s no label warning you or anything,  right? Totally not on you.

    Now that we’ve gotten the whole “blame” thing out of the way, you truly still don’t want to be the one with the squeaking shoes at the office, because you’ll most likely be so self-conscious about the squeakity-squawk you make with every step you take that you’ll begrudgingly sequester yourself to your desk all day, skipping lunch, not taking a single bathroom break, only looking up from your desk to stare down the hours of embarrassment you’ll need to endure until the day ends.

    5. Thou shalt avoid ridiculously high heels

  6. Really? You can actually walk in those 4-inch stilettos? Now that’s talent! However, that kind of talent, you can save for the runway so, avoid wearing ridiculously uncomfortable high heels that should only be worn on a catwalk while modeling.

    How would you ever get to your next meeting on time, or maybe try to catch a bus after work?

    6. Thou shalt forget about overdone make-ups

  7. Once again, it’s all about moderation. The office is not the place to showcase your contouring talents. So make sure not to overdo your makeup. Save the glitter for the show.

    7. Thou shalt not wear tuxedos in vain

    Going too far goes both ways. In as much as dressing extra-casual can be problematic, so too can being over elegant. Keep your tuxedos and evening dresses for those black-tie events where looking like a million bucks is the closet and choose neutral outfits for the office.

    8. Thou shalt ban Trump caps from work outfit

  8. Politics and religion is a big no-no. ‘Nuff said.

    9. Thou shalt abandon tracksuits

  9. Unless you’re running a marathon with your coworkers, leave your tracksuits in your smelly gym bag right next to those socks you wore for that 10k run.


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