Tarkwa Brahabebome turns into ‘Sodome and Gomorrah’ as Nigerians flood township

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The Chief of Brahebebomu, a suburb of Tarkwa in the Western Region, Nana Kwasi Ansah has called on the Government to help kick out Nigerian citizens who have invaded the community and engaged in prostitution and all sort of illicit acts.

Nana Kwasi Ansah speaking to Skyy Power 93.5FM said he is saddened by the invasion of the Nigerian girls into his town who are engaging in devious acts.

According to him, the town has been desecrated by the prostitution act by these foreign nationals as they can be seen in every corner of the town looking for male customers to satisfy.

He also revealed that these girls forcefully attack young men, sleep with them to extort money as payment for the services.

“If you are a young man passing by their zone, they will attack you and forcefully have sex with you in a way to extort money from you.”

“I went to pass by their zone one day and what I saw shocked me and all the rumours I have been hearing was confirmed to be true,” Nana Akwasi Ansah said.

He also said these things doesn’t speak well of their community so he hopes the Government comes to their aid to help curb the situation.

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