Takoradi Sub-metro to issue a roster for preachers

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The Takoradi Sub Metropolitan Assembly is set to issue a roster for “street preachers” at the Central Business District, popularly known as Market Circle, to check on noise making.

The decision, according to the Director for the Sub metro, Nana Asempanaye Yeboah II, is to ensure some degree of discipline in their operations.

For years, residents have been complaining of how disturbing these preachers are with their high-powered speakers in the market; one that experts say is detrimental to the health of persons who live in and around the area, and other persons who ply their trade around the area.

From morning till evening, these preachers and other mobile traders would be heard at decibels far above the permissible thresholds.

Learning from the complaints, the Takoradi Sub-Metro embarked on a massive confiscation exercise over the week. Dozens of sound system sets were seized.

This has however not been a pleasing event for the owners and operators of these systems. A meeting was called by the Sub-metropolitan Council today, with the association of evangelists to bring some finality to the issue.

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