Tadi Kidnapped Girls: The Ritual Killing and Haunted house theorem

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The exhumed skulls and “human remains” story as reported by the Ghana Police Service, perceived to be that of the three kidnapped Takoradi girls have been shut by yet another convincing theorem, or say a belief. So convincing that one would belief it to be a fact that has been ignored by the masses.

A resident [name withheld], who claimed to have lived in the neighbourhood [Kansaworodo] for a decade told Skyy News the said hide out of the suspected kidnapper, Samuel Udoetork Wills is a haunted one.

He recounted that a former lady tenant vacated the premises some two years ago over some strange feelings of ghostly attacks and unusual activity in the premises. Her departure, though was unexplained, many believed was a result of her weird encounter-stories, the resident told this reporter.

Asked if he knew of the owner of the property, he said, “no one in the neighbourhood knows of the identity of the property owner. Just one gentleman who claims to own it”

One other resident corroborated the story, and said the place might have been used for some ritual killings.

“You could hardly see people in that building” he said.

The DNA test on exhumed Skulls

The Western Region Command of the Ghana Police Service on Friday undertook an operation at the residence of the first suspected kidnapper, Samuel Udoetuk Wills.

In the said operation, a septic tank with four lids were uncovered, and “three skulls” retrieved after they [Police] had drained it. The Police have since hinted of a DNA test on these remains to confirm the identities.

But the families of Ruth Love Quayson [one of the kidnap victims], say they would not submit to any DNA test. They say the police have been plotting to end the case inconclusively with this “skulls theorem”.

“At one point they told us the girls are alive, and then after months of cries for proof of life, a facebook-hack revealed some conversation between the kidnapper and our sisters, then this human bones thing…all to say that our sisters have been dead all that while?” Linda Quayson [a sister to Ruth Love Quayson] questioned.

“We don’t believe that story. We’ve not even dreamt about that possibility. We know that our sisters are alive” she said with some belief.

“The Septic Tank” 

Some eyewitnesses say they never smelled of any offensive ‘odour’ from the neighbourhood. They only complained of some running water from a PVC pipe that was directed onto the road.

“If the bodies were buried in the septic tank, the stench alone would have caught our attention to investigate”, another resident told our reporter.

“There is this mystery around the uncompleted building were the skulls were taken, and that of the place where the Nigerian [Udoetuk] lived. Something strange and unexplained. The skulls might be of some other victims…its too difficult to accept the skulls as that of the kidnapped girls” a resident noted.



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