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A man believed to be in his mid-thirties has been found dead in a bush near Holy Child Training College at Fijai in Takoradi. The body was found by a resident in the area in the early hours of Monday, 23 December, 2019, with cutlass wounds at his back, and on his head.

Some residents who spoke to Skyy News on grounds of anonymity said they suspect that he is one of the criminals who have been attacking innocent people in the area.

“This place has become a safe haven for criminals and I suspect he is one of them,” a resident told our news team.

They (residents) suspect that it is the youth who might have beaten him to death for his alleged act of robbing people in the area. Due to the frequent incidents of theft in their area, the residents have been on the lookout for thieves, and it is their estimation that some of the youth in the area might have caught this alleged thieve, and beaten him to his death.

The Assemblywoman-elect for the Fijai Electoral Area, Ramatu Ibrahim, in an exclusive interview with Skyy News, revealed plans of the residents to form a Community Watch Community to help control the activities of thieves in the area.

“They attack people every day at this place and we are planning g of organising the boys to form a watch dog committee to protect life and property Ramatu Ibrahim the Assembly woman elect said.

The police, at the time of filing this story, have been to the scene and were preparing to take the body to the morgue.

Stor by: Nana Yaw Kumi/Skyy News/Takoradi.

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