Suspected iron rod thief grabbed at Anaji Namibia

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A young man who is suspected to have stolen a large sum of iron rods from a construction site has been apprehended today.

According to reports, the said young man was confronted by workers who were working on a drainage system at Anaji Namibia, in the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis after he was spotted by an informant since he has been on their radar for being a suspect.

According to a witness, the suspect was questioned if he has been stealing from their working site of which he denied.

He said, “They questioned him if he has been stealing iron rods from the site which he denied, they then gave him a slap on the face after which he confessed to the crime.”

“He confessed that he has stolen about 40 pieces of iron roads from the site which he indicated he collects them with a tricycle when there is nobody on the site.”

The suspect was taken to the Kwesimintsim Police Station but the workers were redirected to take him to the hospital due to his bad state.

The suspect was however made to go free with a warning not to ever step foot on the site.

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