St Mary’s SHS staff loses front teeth in Inter-co clash with GSTS

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A staff of St Mary’s Boys Senior High School (SHS) has lost almost all his front teeth after a clash ensued between them and Ghana Secondary Technical School (GSTS),

The clash which happened on Tuesday, July 26, was after St Mary’s defeated GSTS in the final of the Inter Schools Basket Ball competition on the latter’s campus.

Mr Felix Ankrah, the Senior House Master of St Mary’s speaking to Skyy News explained that as his students were jubilating during the victory, students of the rival school allegedly started to pelt stones and sachet water at them.

“When we won, we were jubilating when we saw people throwing water at us, we thought the water was a normal thing but later turned into stones”

“I saw one of our staff was down from the effect of the stone so I had to stop everything and rush him to the hospital, he lost almost all his front teeth, it’s terrible.”

He revealed that two of his students were arrested by some staff of GSTS alleging that they were seen throwing stones.

“They were kept in the staff room but we said that place is not a police station, you know when you pick a student, other students will start asking questions and bouncing back, that also escalated most of the things.”

The two students who were arrested were handed over to the police.

A student of GSTS also sustained a deep cut on his forehead during the clash.

Student sustains a deep cut on his forehead

Mr Ankrah indicated that GSTS had their bus damaged and two of theirs damaged as well.

He indicated that there was no security from the beginning of the event till the incident happened during the final game, he urged the organisers to do better by providing security in the next events.

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  1. Anonymous says

    It’s impossible that gsts boys will begin throwing stones. Reasons being that it’s very unusual to find stones anywhere around the school unless at the canteen which is far from where everything happened. So considering the time frame that it happened boys would have to run down to get stones which would be too late. Mary’s boys started throwing the stones which they brought from their school.

    Towards the end of the game it’s an undeniable fact that Mary’s boys begun chanting “We welcome fight,we welcome fight,we welcome fight” in fantse “fight oh deendee”

    The head is telling a lot of lies
    He could have stopped his boys but he was sitting on top of the new form one block watching as everything happened

    Note there are no stones on gsts field, not even around the school and the type of stones that were being strong are difficult to find anywhere around the school

    1. Ike says

      snr man u get vids for der

  2. Gregory Sampson says

    The Senior house master is telling lies which is really bad, i was there when the fight occurred. During the match i hear two boys from Mary’s saying there would be a fight. And also the started chanting we welcome fight after they had won, not to forget they also started putting in effort to destroy the rim. GSTS responded back with literally nothing when all of a sudden we saw stones. WHERE FROM THE STONES?? THE MARY’S STUDENTS BROUGHT IT FROM OUTSIDE because there are no such large stones in the school. They destroyed both GSTS school buses. By the way i will like to say well done to GSTS staff for holding their boys from causing mayhem. St Mary’s need to take full responsibility of what happened because they had this all planned up.

  3. No need to know says

    SMH! ….you listen to one side of the story and rise up with senseless judgement. ST.MARY’S boys are already known to be rowdy and when they feed you with information you readily accept and deliver ? C’mon !
    They started the fight and Gsts boys had no option than to react in sense of self defense.where from the stones? They had this all planned to the extent a bus of st.marys students pulled up at the venue at no other time than after the game just to start a riot. Later in the evening they wanted to enter the school premises through bushes behind Gsts. the media should consider this story and each and every scene in it before informing the general public

  4. anonymous says

    Liesss why are you spreading false information
    we’re you there????
    I didn’t know adults can lie whys ths SHM lyinggg
    it’s complete logical to think GSTS started the fight because obviously they lost buh that isn’t it
    they accepted defeat and were going to their dorms then St.Marys started throwing stones at them.
    there are no stones in GSTS so how can they attack St.Mary smh….do your investigations well before you publish anything.

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