Some Ghanaian women go topless to commemorate “No Bra Day”

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October 13 is a day commemorated to be “NO BRA DAY” which is to raise breast cancer awareness, promote self-examination and early detection.

The campaign was trending on Twitter as some Twitter users flooded the internet with braless pictures of themselves.

Others shared their experiences on getting their breast screened whiles others also said they are yet to get their screening.

Some women shared their stories on how their breast has been cut due to breast cancer and advised other women to go for their screening to know where they stand.

Some statements were made concerning No Bra Day, Twitter users decided to demand breasts pictures from the females to signify the day.

They took it as a day to look at boobs pictures and have fun which the day is beyond that. Other Twitter users also decided to educate females about breast cancer through their statements.

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