Socio-infrastructure investments have been affected by COVID-19- Gold Fields Gh. Ltd

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COVID-19 has had a dire impact on businesses, and one of the most affected industries in Ghana has been the mining sector. Mining giant, Gold Fields Ghana Limited has since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Ghana committed more than half a million dollars to combat the devastating impact of the pandemic.

Several investments that could have been taken in respect of factory expansions, employment and productivity have all been constrained to a large extent.

Regional Manager in Charge of Community Affairs at Gold Fields Ghana Limited, Robert Siaw recounts that allocations that could have been invested into some community physical and soft infrastructure have had to be diverted into supporting government and host communities fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

“For us we could have invested these monies in some other way for the communities… that would be very tangible. We could have invested the monies into some educational infrastructure, scholarships, health facility, you could have seen the benefits that comes out but for now that is what matters. Its a crisis and nobody predicted it so we did not really count it as a cost” he emphasized.

Mr. Siaw continued that the company operates within a philosophy of inclusion, and thus sees itself to be an integral part of communities they operate.

He remarked that the COVID-19 pandemic despite its attending frustrations or constraints has ‘drawn them closer to their host communities’

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