Six tips to make relationship work – From guys perspective

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Being in a relationship is a lot of work. It’s a two-way dance folks, which requires constant effort from both couples.

However, you can only wish for your other half to do the best that she can. As for us guys, we have to put in the work as well. Sure, guys are usually “non-expressive” when it comes to showing affection, which leaves many wondering, “How do you show your undying feelings?” for your girl?

Luckily, you just have to remember these six tips to make a relationship work.

Enjoy Her Jokes

When she cracks a little cute joke, laugh. Give it a chuckle or two, but don’t fake it though. Make her see that you enjoy her jokes and her wit matches her beauty.

Assist Her

And they say chivalry is dead! Being a proper gentleman will never go out of style. Assist her through small things such as gently placing your hand while she goes down on a flight of stairs wearing heels. Assisting her with her seat and even things like opening doors for her.

But don’t be some fedora-wearing white knight and pander to her. Basically, just be a decent human being.

Treat Her Right

Giver her the treatment she deserves. Respect her wishes and never force anything that you know she’s not comfortable with. And, uh, I don’t know how to say this, but never ever ever hit her when you guys are fighting.

Actually Love Her

What do I mean, “actually love her”? I mean, do not be selfish. Love is a two-way thing and it’s not something that only you should benefit.

Spend Time With Her

Spending some quality time with your loved one is a surefire way to show your affection. Enough said.

Support Her

This comes pretty obvious, but it’s important for us guys to provide support in every aspect that we can. Be it emotional or mental. Be always there for her when she needs you. Relationships succeed as a team, so supporting each other is a vital part.

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