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Finding ways to spice up your sex life is a must, especially if your usual bedroom routine has become a little stale in recent months.

Not only will you and your partner experience greater amounts of sexual pleasure, but by taking steps to improve your sex life, you will also do wonders for your relationship. In this respect, you  will create a greater bond between you, as neither of you will be tempted to look elsewhere for sexual thrills and passion.

Here are some useful suggestions for eliminating boredom in your sex life and relationship.


Have you or your partner ever said the following three words to one another when the other has offered sex?

“Not tonight, dear.”

It might be because one of you simply can’t be bothered, or it could be because of a decrease in the sex drive.

In terms of the latter, you can do much to counter the issue. So, you might both eat those aphrodisiac foods that increase blood flow in the genital areas, such as bananas, avocados, and chocolate.

There are lots of sexual performance supplements on the market too. Fembido has been recommended for women, and Extenze is a supplement that has guaranteed qualities to increase a man’s sex drive.

And while the opposite can be true if you have one glass too many, a nightly glass of wine can also increase the desire to be intimate.

So, commit to research of your own if your sex drive has been lacking, and do whatever it takes to energize those feelings of passion within your body.


Your sex life will become stale and boring if you don’t do anything different once in a while. So, speak to your partner and together explore new ideas that might make your sex life more interesting.

So, you might introduce sex toys into the bedroom. From dildos to cock rings, we listed a variety of sex toys here, each one designed to increase both stimulation and fun for you and your partner when you’re engaged in foreplay.

Another way to keep things interesting is to learn new sexual positions. Instead of lying on your back all of the time when having sex, why not straddle your man from the top? Or why not try sex from sitting or standing positions? Pick up a manual from your local sex shop, or consider the positions listed within this article, and try those positions  that you both feel comfortable with.

You might also explore your fantasies. So, if there is something that you have always wanted to try, no matter how weird and ‘out there’s it might be, suggest it to your partner. Despite your hesitation to mention it, he might be more than happy to explore it with you. And give your partner the opportunity to suggest his fantasies too. By doing so, you might just revolutionize your time in the bedroom.


Don’t let your sex life suffer. If it has become dull and routine (or even non-existent), consider our suggestions. Speak to your partner too, and together, find your own ways to spice things up in the bedroom. Greater excitement and pleasure await you both if you do, and your relationship will become stronger as a consequence.

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