Sekondi: Fixing the deplorable Agric roads, I will do my best, irrespective – Michael Otoo

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Michael Otoo, a resident of Agric; a community within the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis, says he is committed to continue fixing the deplorable Agric road, single-handedly, if no other resident decide to come on board. He says as a concerned resident of the area, he will continue to do what his resources and might can afford him, to ensure the road is motorable for all.

According to Michael Otoo, who is running for the 2020 Parliamentary election in Effia Constituency on the ticket of the NDC, that though he expects other people to come on board, he is always committed to playing his part to ensure the road is motorable.

Speaking exclusively to SKYY NEWS on Thursday, October 10, 2019, whilst dumping more quarry materials on the Agric road for its rehabilitation, he revealed that contributing to solving society’s challenges is what any fortunate person living in a community should do.

“The point is, once you live in a community and you’re blessed, you have to let the people benefit from you. You can’t go to house from house to give them gifts, but at least, things like fixing of road, paying people’s hospital bills, etc., are things that you can also offer to the community to helps. Moreover when I did that of the junction to my house about a year, people were saying that because I want to contest, I’ve did it to my house, so this time, I want to continue into the town to so that everybody will have their fair share,” he said.

Micheal Otoo, speaking to Skyy News.

He said he is not discouraged by the fact that no other member of the community has joined him to support fix the poor road, adding that he is someone who is not motivated by other people’s actions and inactions.

“The point is that we are not looking at anybody, but I will also appeal to other people who are blessed, and living in Agric to come on board and help and make sure the road is ‘motorable’. I’m doing same in my constituency; that is Effia, where my mother lives. But I’m not motivated by what people do. The point is that we are trying our best, and we are appealing to other people to help. If they help, fine, but if they don’t, we will do what we can with the resources God will bless us with.

Michael Otoo added, however, that he has spoken to other people who have also agreed to come on board to help extend the work to other parts of the road leading to the ‘New Site’ of the Agric community.

“Luckily, I have spoken to other guys, and I’ve gotten two guys who fellowship with me at Christ the King Parish at Effia, who have also agreed to come on board. They’ve asked me to furnish them with the cost of a trip of the ‘0-40’ (quarry material) so that they can also take it from there other side of town going into the interior. If they do it like that, I think it will help,” he stated.

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