Reintroducing canning in school is not corrective measure for deviant children

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The Metro Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) Secretary, Mr Daniel Agyei Nmai has stated unequivocally that reintroducing Corporal punishment in schools is not a corrective measure for deviant children in our school system.

Many are of the opinion that the times when caning was used especially in schools should be reintroduced by Ghana Education Service (GES) as a disciplinary method to check the numerous deviant characters we find in our society of late.

But Mr Agyei Nmai in an exclusive interview with Skyy Headline News at 1 said it’s because some teachers abused caning in schools that is why it was abolished and he believes it is not the way to correct today’s child.

He said, “It’s quite unfortunate that people have the idea of reintroducing canning in schools, as teachers we don’t endorse corporal punishment, we believe that there are several ways of training the child without necessary using the cane.”

“Sometimes the way canning is administered does not serve the purpose, the child must be aware of why he is been punished. and some teachers do it out of anger.”

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