Refuse dump consumes community in Kojokrom as residents call for help

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Residents of Darko-krom/Afful-krom in Kojokrom near Sekondi in the Western Region are crying for help as refuse dump starts to consume community.

The residents indicated the refuse dump has been abandoned by authorities in the community as the container used to collect rubbish is full and over flowing leading to residents to now dump rubbish on the ground.

This practice of dumping rubbish on the ground has led to an ever growing dump site which is now developing into the township.

Also, not only is the refuse developing into the township, but has increased housefly activities in the community and knowing how possible the insects can easily transmit diseases, they are at risk and can get infected any moment.

Speaking to the assemblyman in the area, Mr Napoleon Oduro indicated when situations of this nature occur in the community, it sometimes due to instances beyond his control.

Explaining further, he made it known there is only one vehicle designated for the community to offload refuse when the container is full. However, the vehicle developed fault some weeks ago which he is trying his best to facilitate a new vehicle to come carry the container.

“We are not sleeping on the job but challenges exist, I’m trying my best to help make my community as clean as possible” he said.

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