Railway Workers to have their salary arrears paid next week- Joe Ghartey hints

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Workers of the Ghana Railway Company Limited can now heave a sigh of relief as government begins payment of their salary arrears next week. Minister for Railway Development, Hon. Joe Ghartey who hinted of this development on Metro TV, indicated that government is giving a financial injection to support the  operations of the company from this year to March next year, whilst he company begins to improve its service delivery in the haulage of manganese from Nsuta of the Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipality of the Western Region.
Ghana Railway Company Limited has been unable to meet its obligation to workers, and owes its staff three months of their salary and other benefits due to challenges with haulage of manganese from Nsuta. The main constraint has been as a result of an impasse between the Minerals Commission and the Ghana Manganese Company Limited, over the tonnage of manganese they are to mine each year.
“This is why the GRCL was not raising enough money to pay the workers of the company” Hon Joe Ghartey clarified.

Hon Joe Ghartey said to alleviate the challenges being faced by the workers as a result of this break, the Government has agreed to help finance the operations of the company from now till the end of March next year.

“The Ghana Railway Company Limited earns its money from manganese, and what happened was that the manganese company went on break for a while. But I have good news for the person who asked that question; the good news is the government is giving a cash injection to Railways which will cover all the company’s expenses till next year March. The money will touch railway accounts next week,” he said.

The Minister was however quick to add that the said money from the Government is not free money,  in that the GRCL will pay back after things normalize.

“But let me make a point clearly; it is not free money. In the sense that it doesn’t mean they would have to go to sleep and not do anything. I trust that they will respect the government’s good intentions in the sector and then, therefore, they would also do their bit, and also improve their delivery. When I say to improve their delivery, I mean they shouldn’t say because the Government is paying this money, then the manganese line, they won’t do their best. They should do their best, and I have confidence in them that they will do their best,” he said.

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