Psychologists, Forensic team visits families of Tadi Kidnapped Girls

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A team of forensic scientist and psychologist today begun a planned visit to families of the three Takoradi kidnapped girls. The visit was communicated to the families yesterday, and it is believed to be a deliberate step taken by the Ghana Police Service to prepare the families for which ever outcome that might ensue from their investigations.

The team begun their visit with the Koranchie family; home of Priscilla Mantebea Koranchie (18 years)- the third victim of suspected kidnapper, Samuel Udoetuk Wills.

Head of the family, Mr Alexander Koranchie after a brief session with the team, told Skyy News’ Abraham Mensah that the entire conversation was aimed at psyching him up against the emotional and traumatizing experience of having to lose a daughter, and as well convince him on the need to submit to the DNA sampling and testing which would be taken later.

“They came to console me, and then give me a word of encouragement, to strengthen me so that I can bare the situation” he said.

He recounted that the experience of having her daughter missing for that long a time has been very traumatizing.

“I’ve been weeping some time when I remember my daughter most especially when I get to the court. What worsened the situation was the Friday incident” he cried.

The Police have so far recovered some four sets of human remains; three from a septic tank at the residence of the suspected kidnapper Udoetuk Wills in Kansaworod, and one at his hideout in Kansawordo New site, where he was rearrested aster breaking police cells.

Earlier when the news broke about a possibility of the remains being that of the three missing girls, families expressed disbelief in the report, and sworn not to submit to any DNA sampling by the police investigative team.

However following the visit by the psychologists, Mr Koranchie has admitted that the procedure is very needful and that assured of his support for the process.

“I’m ready to avail myself any moment they will come. That will help unravel the who mystery surrounding this bones, skeletons story, and also bring to closure; if indeed the bones they found is tested and proves to be that they are that of our daughters, then the case is closed” Mr Koranchie said softly.

The team, according to sources will resume their visit to the other families tomorrow. Talks about the DNA sampling has been on the low turn, as Mr. Koranchie indicates that the object of their visit was mainly on providing some psychological support and counselling. It is however unknown when the DNA sampling would be taken.

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