Project “Fightback” makes strides; life, education of children improves

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A rural-support project dubbed “Fightback against Poverty”, implemented in Adwoa and Akwiidaa; fishing communities in the Ahanta West Municipality, is making great strides at improving education and the natural environment. The project has been in existence for the past two years, and currently has about 80 beneficiaries; all children, learning various vocational skills along formal education. The project was originally started in Adwoa village and has been scaled up to include the Akwiidaa village.

The Fightback against Poverty project has also made some impact in other African countries such as Togo and Sierra Leone, and Germany and Bosnia in Europe.

Founder of Fightback against Poverty, Andreas Schindler says investments in children is a prudent choice to guarantee the future development of the nation.

“Every country is only as good as the education of its kids” he argued.

Founder of Fightback against Poverty, Andreas Schindler

He added that “Ghana is very peaceful and so there’s a good chance to develop kids who are able to help the country”

The project, considering the need to have a more sustainable financing scheme, has adapted a social enterprise by developing a resort at the coast of beneficiary communities. One of such resort [known as Blue Note is almost completed at Akwiidaa.

Mr Schindler appealed to corporate entities and benevolent organisations to support the initiative.

“If everybody could contribute a bit to that, we can change the world” he said.

Chief Executive for Fightback, Andrea Blankson said the initiative provides an alternative social and rehabilitation platform for addressing issues of juvenile delinquencies, child labour, abuse, school drop out and related social issues in the beneficiary communities.

She noted that the children are granted an amazing opportunity to make something meaningful in their lives and community.

Chief of Akwiidaa, Nana Akulo Numa, learning of impact of the project, has also donated a parcel of land to support it. It will among other purposes, provide for the cultivation of crops to support the income generation capacities of the communities.

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