preventing vaginal odour: practice good personal hygiene public health educator


A public health educator, Ellen Appiah is urging women to practice good personal hygiene in order to prevent vaginal odor.

Vaginal odor is an unpleasant smell that the vagina emits. The vagina like any other part of the body has smell variations, which may be due to the menstrual cycle, hygienic lifestyle and certain prescribed medications among others. In an interview with skyy power fm’s Nana Adjoa Arthur, Ms Appiah, explained the vagina can produce tangy or fermented smell, coppery or metallic, sweet like molasses, chemical like a newly cleaned bathroom, earthy scent, fishy and rotten, depending on a number of factors which include poor personal hygiene.

Untreated sexually transmitted infections according to the public health educator can result in an odorous vagina “a lot of women are unable to identify these sexually transmitted infections because of the monthly flow of blood (menstrual cycle), so they are unable to treat the infections, which eventually cause unpleasant smell in the vagina”.

Another cause of vaginal odor according to her is vaginal douching and the insertion of concoctions into the vaginal. Vaginal douching is the washing or cleaning out the inside of the vagina with water or other mixtures of fluids. Douching and the insertion of concoctions into the vagina over time, according to Ms Appiah causes vaginal odor. “Don’t apply lime in the vagina; it’s not good, the vagina does not smell, it’s how you keep it that matters”.  She advised women to put a stop to the act since the vagina needs no special cleaning. She also urged women not to insert their fingers into the vagina with the intention of cleaning the organ.

Ellen Appiah said another major cause of vaginal odor is poor hygienic lifestyle, especially, during that time of the month (menstrual cycle). She advised women to thoroughly wash their panties and underwear during their menstrual period. “Women can soak panties with a pinch of salt in a pale whiles having a bath, and wash them properly afterwards”, Doing this she explained gets rid of the blood stains in the panties, if there are any, If you do this, you won’t get any infection”. This will help get rid of the blood stains in the panties Ms Appiah posited.

The public health educator, again, urged women to constantly shave the vaginal area to avoid offensive smell and infections. She said “when the vagina is busy it stores up urine and blood during menses which can cause unpleasant odor and infections”. She also admonished women to use panty liners or clean cotton to avoid offensive smell. To this end, Ellen Appiah wants women to practice good hygiene in order to keep the vagina clean and healthy.

She however stated that vaginal odor and vaginal infections can be treated and urged women with such conditions to see a doctor as soon as possible.



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