Police officer arrested for shooting ‘cheating’ girlfriend

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An angry police officer, Sargeant Nuhu Mohammed is in the grips of the Kwesimitsim District Police Command for firing shots at the residence of his girlfriend at Lagos Town, a community in the Effia-kwesimintsim Municipality of the Western Region.

The girlfriend whose identity has been given as Sylvestina Arthur, is said to have demanded an amount of one thousand Ghana cedi (GHC1,000.00) from her police fiance for medical needs. However the Police Sargeant later found out the girlfriend never visited the hospital, for which purpose she took the money from him.

The girlfriend instead went to spend some time at the house of another boyfriend and went ahead to spend the night there.

The Police Sargeant, who visited the girlfriend to check up on her, realised the girlfriend is not in the house as it was supposed to be, but busily spending time with another man.

According  to a reliable source, the police officer then opened fire and gave multiple shots in the residence of his girlfriend, destroying some of her personal belongings. His actions got other residents scared, and reported him to the Police.

Sargeant Nuhu Muhammad has been arrested, and is aiding the Kwesimitsim District Police Command in investigation.

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