Pepsodent Cavity Fighter 175g LPM

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Just because something doesn’t taste sweet doesn’t mean it has no sugar. There are ‘hidden sugars’ in
food. These sugars cause cavities and tooth decay and are even more active at night when we do not
brush before bedtime.

Your trusted and powerful Pepsodent Cavity Fighter toothpaste is fortified with
pro-fluoride complex and active micro-calcium to give you double action and protection from cavities
caused by food and drinks during the daytime and works twice as hard repairing tiny invisible holes even
hours after brushing at night.

Pepsodent Cavity Fighter is available in all leading shops across the
country and is sold for GHC 6.

Remember for double action and protection against cavities, brush twice
daily, in the morning and at night before bedtime. Pepsodent, EVERY SMILE MATTERS.

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