It seems the Ahatna West Municipal Health Directorate is losing the fight against the mentally challenged in the area. In recent times, the area has become a haven for mentally retarded people as they are spotted in almost every street.

Municipal Health Director, Mr. Timothy Kobina tells us it is a common sight to come across in some vantage points of Agona Nkwanta, the capital of the municipality.

He adds that the directorate lacks the needed facilities to curb the situation. According to him, the entire western region do not have the required centers to keep mentally retard whilst those who receive cure are mostly unable to provide details about their background.

Mr. Timothy Kobina adds that most of the mentally challenged in the municipality pose a great danger to the residents and that calls for concern. He says it is about time authorities intensify the fight before the situation gets out of hand. He adds that if proper structures are put in place, they can be transformed into healthy human beings.


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