Pay us our 6-month accrued allowance else….- Coalition of Rotation Nurses and Midwifes threatens

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A group calling itself Coalition of Rotation Nurse and Midwifes are calling on government to make due their allowance that has been in arrears for the past six months. The group claims that nurses and midwifes who signed onto the mandatory national service scheme, and were posted to various health facilities in April this year have not received a dime since they started work.

They complain of neglect by the Ministry of Health to their plight. On this background, the group through a release dated today, is urging government to heed to their concerns lest suffer the consequences.

Below is the release




The Coalition of Rotation Nurses and Midwives would like to bring to the attention of the government and the general public of its six-month allowance arrears.
The question has always been that “is our service to the nation recognized or known to the government and the ministry of health in particular?” I am not sure the answer is YES, if not we will not be left in strange towns, cities and villages to die of hunger all in the name of a mandatory service to the state.

As part of the routines of the country’s tertiary institutions, the 2018 batch of newly trained nurses and midwives were posted to various health facilities across the country to begin their one year mandatory national service on the 8th of April 2019.

With regard to that, we have left our homes and families to strange villages, towns and cities where we are currently serving our dear country, Ghana.

We have worked wholeheartedly for the nation for 6 months (APRIL, MAY, JUNE and JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER) without receiving a penny of the national service allowance which is rightfully due us.

Upon several measures and approaches taken by this coalition, the government seems to have turned deaf ears to our concerns.We are now in our 6th month and no significant step or process has commenced for us to get the hope of receiving our allowances for this months and the past months (clearance not released, staff ID not generated, biometric registration not done etc). All these processes not done in our 6th month is making us believe that the Government is not aware of our service to the nation.

We are by this release bringing to the notice of the government that we are really suffering at our various service stations, and so some actions must be hurriedly carried out to cause effect to enable us receive our allowances that is due us for sound and effective service to the nation.

Thank you.

Ministry of finance
Ministry of health
Ghana health service

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