Outrage as Wassa Manso youth demonstrate against construction of rail lines through Cemetary

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Youth in Wassa Manso, a town in the Mpohor District of the Western Region demonstrated against the construction of rail lines through some parts of the community without properly engaging the chiefs and elders.

According to them, Amandi Constructions, the company in charge of the project have changed the initial plan of the rail lines which was directed to pass through the town but now at the outskirts of the town without consulting the leaders of the community as it will somehow lead to the destruction of a portion of their cemetery.

The youth made it known they were directed by the chief of the town to halt the construction process because there was no engagement between them and the company after plans were changed.

They followed the orders of the chief and halted construction work throughout the weekend as they demanded proper engagements before works continue.

Speaking to the District Chief Executive (DCE) of Mpohor, Mr Asaah Mensah, explained that, the change of plans for the construction of the rail lines at the outskirts of the town is to prevent accidents in the community.

He revealed that trains that will run on the rail lines will be high-speed trains that will not run less than 200Km/hr and keeping the initial plan of constructing the lines through the town poses a threat to the lives of the people.

Mr Mensah made it known there have been engagements with the chiefs to explain the new development and they are aware that the speed rail line cannot pass through the community for the sake of safety.

However, he revealed that after the engagements, the chiefs and the Ghana Railways Company (GRC) agreed to buy some items to pour libation and pacify the gods since the project will take a portion of the cemetary.

Also, the Amandi Construction without having much knowledge about what had transpired between the chiefs and GRC taught the settlement has been done so they proceeded with the project.

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