Our teachers don’t use nose mask neither do we – Some students in Takoradi

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It is expected that in the wake of the new COVID-19 delta variant, people, especially students will strictly adhere to the protocols but that has not been situation.

A number of schools in Takoradi have ignored the protocols and are not monitoring students to wear nose mask.

It is common to see students gladly in a school bus without nose mask or a face shield and also without a hand sanitizer.

However, some students who spoke to our reporter Adesi Kumi said, they don’t use the nose mask again and their teachers don’t punish them for it.

“It’s been more than 2 weeks now, we don’t use any protection because our teachers themselves don’t use it again” a student disclosed.

They indicated they have the nose mask but are reluctant to use it because it is difficult for them to breath after it has been worn.

A student said, “What they gave us is difficult to wear, even our teachers are complaining so we don’t use it, same as our teachers.”

The students were asked if they have heard of the new Delta Variant, they replied in the affirmative adding that they now wear the disposable nose mask only on their way home after school.

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