NPP Primaries: ‘My 2016 election record baffles vetting committee’- Ahanta West MP

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Member of Parliament for Ahanta West, Ebenezer Kojo Kum has shared with Skyy News, how thrilled the vetting committee of the New Patriotic Party, Western Region, was with his performance in the 2016 election. According to him, the committee sought to learn the science behind such victory.

Hon. Kojo Kum polled 30,596 representing 68.1 percent of the valid votes cast for the 2016 parliamentary elections. His major contender, George Kwame Aboagye [late] of the National Democratic Congress, polled 13,784 representing 30.68 percent of the votes.

In 2012, the then candidate for NDC, George Kwame Aboagye won with a 21,143 votes (representing 45.74%), with his opponent (Samuel Jonfiah- of the NPP) managing a 20,009 votes (representing 43.79%) of the total valid votes cast.

 These statistics which dazzled the vetting committee, according to Hon. Kojo Kum provides substantial evidence of how capable he is to retain and increase the political fortunes of the party in Ahanta West.

“The panel wanted to find out what was the magic behind the voter turnout in the 2016 election. They were amazed that in 2012 we lost the election by a 1050 votes and then in 2016 there was a jump from 1050 to 17000 plus. So they were interested in finding out how we were able to do this. And I told them that the best support of the former member of parliament, the constituency executives, polling station executives and the team that we put together, we worked seriously to attain that feat. You could see from my face that I came out of the room victorious. I am very certain my mind that I’m not going to be hindered from contesting in the primaries come 25th April 2020” he told Skyy News after his vetting.

Asked if he could trust delegates to grant him another term, Hon Kojo Kum answered that “certainly it’s not something that is not achievable”

“The delegates know me. They know my qualities and they’ve seen what I’ve been able to do for their constituency and my work in Parliament for the first time in the history of Ahanta West with one sitting member of parliament has been nominated to serve on the ECOWAS parliament and that is Lawyer Fantastic Kojo Kum” he added.

Should these hopes be fulfilled, and granted that his ‘in-party’ contender, Kwesi Biney sail through, the April 25 election for the candidate of the party in the constituency, might be a ‘fierce’ battle; some party sympathizers shared with Skyy News.

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