NDC, NPP, all political garbage- Captain Smart

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Outspoken media presenter and former host of Dwaso Nsem on Adom FM; Blessed Godsbrain Smart, popularly known as Captain Smart, has described as political waste, the two main political parties in the country; the New Patriotic Party, and the National Democratic Congress. In his view these political parties have been disappointing, as their actions have since been inimical to the development of the country.

Captain Smart suggest Ghanaians completely ‘flush out’ these parties from the country’s governance system and rise to a new dawn of leadership that would transform the nation.

“Both political parties are political waste. We need to throw them in the garbage. We need a serious third force that’s got a clear perception of where Ghana really get to go” he told Kofi Adoma in an interview.

He corrected that his remarks are not borne out of any hatred for any of the parties but minded in the interest and ultimate good of the Ghanaian people.

Captain Smart recounted his youthful ages have witness some close ties with various leaderships of the political parties, but justified that; “I think both political parties have lost it, they’ve lost direction”

He intimated that the ‘never-ending’ cycle of political witch-hunt and reciprocation of maltreatment, has cost the nation badly.

“We keep changing people without understanding their role and what they can offer the country. So even after election the latrine man is asked to leave his post and is replaced…there’s no continuity.

“We have no excuse to become a better country but these two political parties, I think are not giving the right people among them to actually man certain strategic positions” he cried.

Take a listen to an excerpt of the interview below

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