Narubiz calls on government to come to their aid as they face numerous challenges

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The General Manager of Narubiz, a natural rubber business factory at Dompim in the Wassa East District says they are facing a number of challenges in their production.

Mr Emmanuel Akwasi Owusu speaking to Skyy News on the sidelines during the Western Regional Minister’s visit to the factory said they are losing money due to the high cost of production as a result of these challenges.

He stated frequent power outages as one of the challenges, the machines used in production not being efficient enough and a deteriorating bridge used for the transportation of their resources.

He called on the government to come to their aid because they are operating at a loss. He added that when they make a profit, the community benefits as over 800 families are indirectly employed.

Mr Owusu said, “The challenges here in Narubiz, as mentioned earlier to the regional minister are frequent power outages, the need for additional transformers and reconstruction of a bridge near the community. Rubber processing becomes slow whenever there’s a power outage. Cost also increases as we use stand-by generators which use fuel when there’s a power outage in which the generator cannot be able to process the materials at a goal due to the capacity of the generator. This reduces the output rate of the products which we run at a loss when such happens and variably our efficiency.”

“Also, the transformer requested was 1000 KVA capacity but only brought 630 KVA capacity. Due to this, we use machines that can power only 630 KVA but not all the machines needed for production as for the bridge, it was okay in the year 2021, but later it started deteriorating and because of that, the containers that come for our produce for export have to use the Daboase road before they come to the factory and due to this, the transporter has also increased the charge rate and this is something which is really worrying and decreasing cost as well…”

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