Must Watch Ghanaian Poetry: Coronavirus’ stubbornness and its eventual extinction

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This is just an unpolished poetry yet most exciting and educative. The poet; Kwabena Amofa an Ashanti, explored the mother tongue (twi) to inspire Ghanaians in this trying times, to keep fighting on fiercely with the novel coronavirus. In what appears to be a word of advice to the ‘inanimate’ COVID-19, Mr. Amofa cautioned of the imminent destruction and extinction of the virus, should it stubbornly entangle humankind in this pandemic.

In this short  poetry, Mr. Amofa chastised COVID-19 for being so adamant to the advise and the cries of humanity.

A section of his poetry said; “CORO stop! You being so stubborn. Don’t mistake your fierceness to be your strength. Everyone is advising you to stop yet you won’t listen. You want to lord over the world. Everything has come to a stand still. Why? What at all do you want from mankind?”

“Today, should anyone pass on, you want to take that credit. People with diabetes and the likes had enjoyed that natural death before your existence. But now you’ve taken over” the poetry continued.

Mr. Amofa cried that all persuasive approach had failed and that mankind had no choice to execute it [COVID-19].

“We’ve offered you dollars, pounds and all others but you wont accept our offering. But listen and listen carefully. You definitely, will fade. We’ve subdued your elderly siblings; Ebola, HIV, and the rest. So you wait!” another section of the poetry stated.

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