Muslims advised to aspire to greater heights

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 Dr Rabiatu Armah Konney, a Senior Lecturer of the University of Ghana, Department of Religions, has advised members of the Ghana Muslim Mission (GMM) to aspire to achieve greater heights in their educational pursuits.

She said Islam thrived on education, hence the need for Muslims take education seriously to achieve a lot in life and the hereafter.

Dr Konney said this in an interview with the Ghana News Agency when the family of the Late Justice Yakubu Armah donated books to the GMM School Library in Accra.

She said education enhanced the achievement of one’s vision and aspirations, which was why the first revelation that came to Prophet Mohammed (SAW) was read to signify how important it is to search for knowledge.

“As far as Islam is concerned, be involved in education, take it as the water you drink, the food you eat, and the air you breathe because it is only with this that one can make it in this life and the hereafter,” she said.

Dr Konney said it had always been the vision of her father to empower people through education, hence the donation to the library, which was named after him, to help impart knowledge to the children and expose them to new ideas.

The story books, meant for pupils of different ages, would instill in them the habit of reading, she added.

“The library is a repository of knowledge so go there and read, understand and reflect on everything you have read because that is what makes one a human being,” Dr Konney said.

“When we talk about education it is not only to read but it is a holistic education where you are able to practice what you have learnt. It should also lead you to live morally upright lives,” she said.

She urged the Ghana Muslim Mission to continue to promote education and said no one should use age or any form of excuse to deter others from acquiring knowledge.

“Education is from the cradle to the grave. Even if you cannot read and write try functional literacy and have yourself educated in any kind of trade so that you do not become a liability,” she advised.

Sheikh Ahmed Adjei, the Deputy Regional Imam of GMM, who received the books, expressed gratitude to the family for gesture and prayed for the soul of Justice Yakubu Armah to have eternal rest.

He pledged that the school would make good use of the books.

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