MTN enhances security on MoMo accounts amid COVID-19

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MTN Ghana has enhanced its security on its mobile money platform (MoMo) for subscribers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The company’s investment in its infrastructure to secure deposits by subscribers is unmatched.

Along with this prudent intervention, the company has been engaging communities on some fraud and security tips on MoMo transactions or operations so they could easily detect, report and avert them.

Acting Regional Senior Manager of South West, Teddy Hayford-Acquah says the company has had to take these initiatives to fight a growing crime in electronic transactions in the country.

“We know that MTN MoMo system is secured but unfortunately customers still get defrauded..

Fraudsters and scammers have increased their activities in defrauding unsuspecting customers more so in this COVID-19 pandemic period by preying on people’s fear and doubt.” he said.

Mr. Hayford-Acquah emphasised that three golden rules ought to be adhered to in any circumstance, to avoid being victimized by these criminals.

“Do not disclose your MoMo PIN to anyone, do not entertain calls or text messages from any number, and do not allow anyone to do transaction on your behalf, discuss their wallet or respond to any promotion they have not participated in” he stated.

He shed light on the modus operandi employed by these miscreants.

Some scenarios used by Fraudsters:

  • Fraudsters calling victims and posing as MTN officials to assist with Customer’s pin reset
  • Fraudsters calling you to reverse a wrong transfer made to them
  • Fraudster calling and playing recordings that mimic’s MTN’s call center response to customers’ request etc
  • Fraudsters sending customers messages that their numbers have been blocked
  • Fraudsters send message that you have won a promotion
  • Customers are to be cautious of money doubling schemes on radio and TV.
  • Some fraudsters also take shots of a merchants transaction log and then call the customers to defraud them based on the information they have on their transaction.
  • Some also play with numbers so when you pick they engage you

However there’s been a new trend to these strategies that fraudsters and scammers take. This has been carefully explored and listed by MTN Ghana.

  • Messages and apps- These scams are increasing and are usually disguised as Covid-19-related messages and apps. Please exercise caution opening text messages, email links, whatsapp links etc
  • Some of them send URL links informing customers that MTN is sharing free data. As soon as you click it will take you to a malicious site.
  • of the links install malicious software, enabling scammers to find passwords, access email accounts and download personal information such as bank account details. Be vigilant when opening links
  • Offers of a ‘coronavirus map’ app -to track the pandemic but rather downloads virus unto your device.
  • Phone calls from scammers pretending to be health officials asking for your personal information, or saying they have test results but need your credit card details to process a payment.

Security Tips

  • MTN Mobile Money will NOT under any circumstance, ask for customer’s MoMo PIN code.
  • MTN Mobile Money staff will not demand money from you to redeem your prize.
  • Do not use MoMo PIN for a very long period.
  • Change PIN at least every month.
  • Customers should protect their pin numbers at all times and change them as soon as they think they have been exposed or are compromised.


Phone calls

  • MTN officials will ONLY call with the official line 0244300000.
  • As already indicated avoid discussing your wallet or any personal details on your phone.
  • Hang up and report the number and business name through any of the following;
    • Call 100 if you are a subscriber
    • Call 114 if you are a merchant or an agent
    • Send a Txt to 1515
    • Send a Txt 419
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