Motor Insurance Database to eradicate fake insurance and fraudsters- NIC

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The National Insurance Commission (NIC) have developed a database of all insured vehicles and other locomotives in the country to rid the system of fake insurance covers and stickers.

The commission justifies that the innovation came about as a result of the risk of fraudulent activities within the insurance sector, which often cause victims some huge loses when an incident happens.

Area Manager, Western Region, Justice Peprah Agyei, tells Skyy News the system would enable users to validate the insurance cover of vehicles they use or board. He explained further.

“It’s a data base, a central point that all vehicles that are insured in Ghana is suppose to be on for easy access. Initially, it was difficult to differentiate between a fake insurance and a correct insurance, let me put it that way but with this system, now we are not going to detect fake insurance with just the features on the physical sticker that you see on the car.

“Now we are going to verify from a system, So the person could have the sticker, showing on the car but if it’s not in the system then it means that it’s fake and before you get it into the system, it means that you need to charge, you need to pay the right premium and if you don’t pay the right premium the system will reject it. So by paying the right premium and being on the system, then at least we can eliminate the fake stickers and we all know the issues of a fake sticker, when there are fake stickers, it means that passengers are not going to receive compensation, it means that pedestrian who fall victim of motors accident will not receive any compensation, it also mean that even drivers themselves who fall victim of motor accident will it receive any compensation and it will become a huge burden on the state.” he said. 

Mr. Peprah Agyei disclosed that the system is accessible to every user via a USSD code.

“With this one, any Ghanaian can check. At any point, one can become a pedestrian, fare paying passenger, the owner of a vehicle or a gratuitous passenger. And at any point, we’ll need this; dial the short code *920*57# on any phone, input the vehicle number and press send. Details of whether or not the vehicle has been insured properly will be sent to you. This will become easier for us to verify so that in case there is a motor accident, we can trace the insurance and get our compensation easily.” Mr. Agyei added.

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