Minister for Health alleged to have contracted Coronavirus

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Nana Addo’s Health Minister contract Coronavirus
It has been alleged that Ghana’s Minister for Health, Kwaku Agyeman Manu has tested positive for the novel coronavirus and is currently receiving intensive care from the best of health professionals, at the University of Ghana Medic Center, Accra.

Sources say he has been on admission over the week. Another account from a treated source from the medical facility has disclosed that the Minister was admitted on Tuesday and has been under close monitoring, “however in stable condition”.

For which reason, the minister has been taken off duties so he could manage his health.

Hon. Agyeman Manu, who represents the people in Formats Central if the news is confirmed by government will be first high profiled public servant to have contracted the novel coronavirus.
Already Parliament has been thrown in a state of anxiety ever since news broke of some members of the house testing positive for the virus.

The Speaker of Parliament, Prof Mike Oquaye had subsequently issued warnings to these public servants and their contacts to state in quarantine whiles they receive medical attention.

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