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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

If you skip breakfast, your body will run out of glycogen by the middle of the morning, which means reduced energy bursts. When this happens, your body is like a car that runs out of gas. So that is the reason you need to Breakfast your day every day. MILO gives you the Nourishment of MALT, MILK and COCOA and the delicious taste of MILO to help you Breakfast your day.

MILO contains micronutrients that helps with energy release, normal muscle function and maintenance of normal bones during a child’s physical activities.
Breakfast your day with MILO to help give your child the right start for the day.

With MILO, every child can be an MVP

With MILO, every child is a CHAMPION!

MILO , the energy food drink of future Champions.

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