Meet A Ghanaian Born Canadian With Global Health and Safety Expertise Making Great Impact Internationally

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Samuel Duckworth-Essilfie, an expert in Health and Safety Practices with global recognition, and dealing with multinational corporations and companies, has earned his pride of place in managing international Health, Safety and Environment.

The focus of this man, a Canadian, but Ghanaian by birth, certifies his achievements as one of the best known globally acknowledged Health and Safety Expert, assisting organizations to address safety challenges while confronting their fears in performance and operations.

The Chief Executive Officer of Sophies Management Systems Inc. has had his expertise tapped by universities around the world, well known extractive industry institutions, players among others.

He does not only lead in Health and Safety auditing of global corporations, and multinational companies, but offer training programs for top executives and management members of these institutions.

Sophies Management Systems Incorporated, being led by the Ghanaian, is consciously committed to developing collaboratively with global clients for Quality, Health and Safety, Environment and Project Management Solutions.

The objective packaging of activities of the company include making clients achieve and maintain conformance to industry standards, regulatory compliance and best practices.

The goal has been to get corporations implementing not just planning, a Quality Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) culture imbedded in business in order to overcome challenges, but increase productivity.

The organization uses the context of businesses to develop strategies and behaviors necessary for success in Quality Health, Safety, and Environmentally driven climate.

In broader context, the company has led training programs on fitness to work, risk competency, emergency response planning, joint worksite health and safety management among others.

Samuel Duckworth-Essilfie, holds MBA, PMP, CRSP, CMIOSH, among other relevant qualifications to drive his activities.

Speaking in an interview, the expert announced his decision to storm Ghana to assist in the extractive industry which appears to grow in lips and bounds since the discovery of oil and gas in addition to the existing mining industry activities.

He would host the maiden edition of an annual Health and Safety Conference in Ghana following sufficient background work carried out about operations of corporations, institutions and stakeholder companies requiring his expertise in the country.

He says, he would announce the city to host the conference, the modalities to observe, participation process, and specific areas of interest that must be tackled to improve health and safety auditing, standardization, practices for ultimate benefit of the country.



Columnist Zambaga Rufai Saminu

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